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Designed for user comfort and intuitive operation, the DIGITECH® electronic circuit board includes functional and aesthetic contents. With its soft lines, a color slightly contrasting with the boiler casing, easy-to-read buttons, and simple operation, it fits all rooms of the house and makes adjustment by the user a simple and intuitive experience.

Full self-diagnostics function

The electronic board DIGITECH® CS has multiple features that increase the quality of Radiant boilers:

  • it indicates the operating temperatures of the boiler with the possibility of adjusting temperatures with one-degree steps;
  • it integrates the option of controlling external sensors, solar panels, and external tank sensors;
  • memory function for displaying last 5 boiler faults;
  • high degree of electrical protection;
  • ease of operation.

Full self-diagnostics function of DIGITECH®

  • constant control on the operating parameters an;
  • quick identification of any fault by means of specific codes;
  • with the Memory function allows the service technician to trace back the last 5 error codes displayed in the LCD panel.